Wing Thing Two

Test flight of wing thing two (red wings in photo). The steel ruler is a standard 12 inch one.

Although this has flown before, it was in the glider form with the black fuselage. I created a second fuselage with an electric motor for launching. The wing thing two is a smaller version of the original wing (blue and white wings above), but with reduced sweep.

Test flight one with the CG on the forward limit of the range used as a glider resulted in a loop from hand launch over my head into the ground. Power off early wasn’t possible as it went vertical immediately. Power off 5/8 way round the loop, but elevator not responsive to pull out and it hit the ground directly on the spinner cone. The impact caused minimal damage, so moved CG forward and attempted second launch.

There is significant torque when released, plus 50% power used resulted in left roll into long grass. On the third attempt, we have flight. Severe nose down despite moving trim all the way back and flew whole flight on 50% elevator. Throttle 50 to 70%, glide angle compromised by brake not programmed and prop windmilling in harmony with airspeed. Aileron response is too sensitive, but manageable. This aircraft is certainly agile and could turn tightly in a thermal if I wasn’t frightened of the spin I remember from the glider version. ESC cut at this point, around 3 to 4 minutes which is very early. Still have control, so rearm and power back. Tripped again and third time in quick succession while lining up to land. Approach speed too quick, caught left wing on grass and flipped it around. Post flight, ESC is hot, so switched prop from 9×5 carbon to Graupner 8×4.5.

The next flight lasted longer and I elected to land before the ESC cut this time. Launch showed the torque effect and the whole flight needed gentle applications of the throttle. There was a noticeable rocking laterally, but this could be atmospheric. The aircraft is responding to thermals. At one point while in a steep left turn I caught the spin, so the characteristic is there in a tight low speed turn power off. Landing again was too fast with no flare due to unresponsive elevator at low speed. This time it caught the grass straight and level and flipped straight over. All in all a successful first day.

Need to do some performance tests on the power train and some balance calculations before the next test.


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