Sun and Lots of Wind

It seems the weather is back to normal with a 15mph wind making it almost unflyable. I took the RS352 out on three flights, but, with significant low level turbulence and even stronger wind higher up, aerobatics are a bit hit or miss. The strange thing is that straight off from the first flight, I could put the RS352 into a fairly stable hover and watch as it drifted downwind. It’s actually harder to hover in flat calm conditions and I still haven’t figured out the reason.

One thing I did manage to get right was a stall turn with a really positive stall and direction change at the stop. I only got it right once and I’m not sure whether it was the wind affecting the aircraft, or the small amount of left aileron coupled with the full left rudder deflection at the top which did it. Either way, that’s exactly how it’s supposed to look.

The hexcopter wasn’t back this week, but I was joined by a small foam wing, larger foam glider (suffering from lack of elevator and terminal dives), plus a spacewalker.


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