Stupidly Windy

I got to the park, opened the car door and got hit by the gale force wind. I should have given up on flying earlier as I could see how windy and overcast it was. It looks like it’s just the quadcopter this weekend.

I’ve actually been having problems with the charging jack on my Futaba Field Force 8 recently. Having opened it up, replacing the jack looks very difficult and I can’t find anything obviously wrong with it. I’ve tried cleaning it and very carefully bending the contact up to make a better connection, but nothing seems to work. The weird thing is that by pushing the jack in and then gently pulling it out you can get it to connect. That would suggest a loose connection where it attaches to the motherboard.

Anyway, the weather is now being really annoying. Suddenly it’s warm and sunny with blue skies and light clouds everywhere. The wind is still gale force though, so it only looks like a nice day. This might be the time to rebuild my flight simulator project as I’ve been meaning to do it for ages and just never had the time.


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