Sunny Eight

By some miracle, the wind and rain isn’t due until tomorrow and today is sunny and warm with only light winds. I also managed to get in eight flights this morning, which could be a record. My transmitter was showing 40 minutes use, so that’s 4×10 minute flights of the RS352. Here’s how I did it:

  1. Hobby Zone Champ
  2. Hobby Zone Mini Super Cub? White with blue trim, bigger version of the Champ with a geared motor. Rudder/elevator with throttle. The throttle is very strange as the Tx is spring loaded to return to the centre with zero throttle being in the middle. No anti-crash either. (need to look up what this aircraft actually is).
  3. RS352
  4. Hubsan Q4, micro quadcopter. You know there is no wind when you can fly this outdoors
  5. Hobby Zone Champ (didn’t want to come down, so I ended up spinning it)
  6. RS352
  7. RS352
  8. RS352

The super cub (number 2) was quite strange to fly as it didn’t have enough power. Apparently it’s supposed to use a 3S LiPo while I was flying on a 2S. Every time I used the throttle, the nose would rise, so I was constantly preventing it from stalling. Also, at low speed the small rudder didn’t have the authority to initiate a turn, so it needed some coaxing around the sky. Not exactly easy for a beginner, which is the target market for this aircraft. It’s quite fun to fly though, and could almost do a reasonable loop after some persuading from the audience, as it was their aircraft I was flying.


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