Last Day Of August

Today is the last day of August, so Autumn starts tomorrow, but at least we got one final day of Summer sun to fly in, even if it was a bit windy. Wind is good, it blows the sunny holes in the cloud past more quickly.

I managed three flights with the RS352, but also did a maiden flight for somebody else. I think his aircraft was a Hitec Sky Scout [link], as it wasn’t a Multiplex Easy Star, but one of the clones (need to check this, as a Scout is reportedly identical to an Easy Star II). After checking the control surface deflections and discovering the elevator to be working the wrong way round, I offered to launch while he flew it. In the event I flew it while he launched, but it flew like a dream. I think I put in one click of right aileron, but that was it. After getting it to a safe height I hooked the neck strap over my head and glasses and handed over the controller. That bit actually worried me more, as I always think I’m going to flip my glasses off and not be able to see the plane. Now, for somebody who had only flown multi-rotors before, his first flight was very impressive, resulting in a perfect landing.

I also launched on the maiden flight of another big glider (TODO: check type, T tail, looks like a Discus, 3.5m? Maybe Slough RC Condor?). With nothing to hold on to underneath except a slippery curved fuselage, this was interesting, but it had the power to get away without any problem. Control problems with the ailerons eventually led to its landing a long way out, with the fuselage getting scraped during the hard landing. It looked like the ailerons were unresponsive, then suddenly flipped the aircraft round and put the nose 90 degrees down.

I also watched a Blade 350QX quadcopter being flown [link], which reminds me that I need to get some new LiPos for my X4 and Q4 so I can fly quads again.



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