Last Days of Summer?

The Sun’s out, it’s hot and the wind is non-existent. Most people seem to think that this is the last good weather before Autumn hits us, so it’s really busy. I managed 3 flights with the RS352, mainly practising prop hanging. The LiPo on the first flight felt like it didn’t have the normal level of power (pack #3), so it might need replacing soon. Despite that, on the first flight I managed to sustain a perfect prop hang for longer than I have done so far.

In addition to the RS352, I also had four flights with the HubSan X4, using every one of the four LiPos until the eyes were flashing at me to signal that the pack was exhausted. Last week I de-soldered the power lead, tested it for continuity and found nothing wrong with it. After soldering it back on, I still couldn’t find anything wrong the the X4, so I put it pack together and connected the power again. It managed to bind with the TX, but, as soon as the power went above a certain level, all power to the quad cut and it reset itself. By putting it on the ground and gradually increasing the throttle, I could see it cutting round about the 10% throttle point. It was as if beyond a certain load the voltage dropped below the cut-off point, except that this was a brand new LiPo. Anyway, by some combination of reset and fiddling around with it (go into expert mode, left stick to bottom left and waggle right stick left and right until eyes flash), I managed to get it to fly. If anybody can tell me what it means when the left eye flashes while the right eye is solid blue, I would really like to know. It keeps doing this, which must be some sort of error code, I I’ve searched online everywhere and can’t find any explanation for this.

Anyway, as for the rest of the flying, I watched the maiden flight of an ST Models Blaze electric glider. It actually went completely behind a rather large Oak tree at one point and we all thought he had hit it, only for the model to suddenly re-appear climbing over the top. That must count as the best rescue I’ve seen for some time. There was also another small quad which seemed not to want to fly, the usual aerobatic EFlite Advance 25e and a very slippery 3 metre electric glider.


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