Autumn Sunshine

I thought it was going to be cold, but Sun is quite pleasantly warm this week and there is almost no wind.

Checking out the natives

Checking out the natives hiding in the grass

I managed three flights with the RS352, plus two with somebody else’s Champ, while also spending a lot of the time tinkering with the Hubsan X4. The first flight with the HubSan was fine, then it started showing the same problem as before, where the power would cut as soon as there was any load on the propellers. I thought it was fixed, but obviously not. As for the RS352, my prop hangs are coming along quite nicely, but the snap roll definitely needs some work.

A lot of people turned up this week, with the Blade 350 Quad, Advance, Champ and also someone I haven’t seen for a very long time flying a ParkZone Stryker, plus the French guy who flies HLG. There was also a French/Italian family who turned up right at the end with a Spitfire, AcroWot, a high wing aircraft (super Cub?) and a micro aircraft similar to the Champ (Cessna?). I felt a bit guilty watching them smash the nose off the Spitfire, but communication was a bit of an issue. First flight was from the ground and it nosed over onto the prop. Second flight was a hand launch which didn’t have enough speed and ended in the ground. Third flight was too little speed from another hand launch which was almost straight up with too little power. It almost flew, but crashed sideways into the grass, taking the nose with it. When I was leaving I could see the high wing aircraft racing around the sky, so next time I’ll try and talk to them a bit more.

I’ve now got a set of templates for the RCM&E Atom Autogyro sitting on my workbench, so I’m off to find some wood and make myself a kit of parts. It’s been a while since I’ve built something, so I’m a bit out of practice, but I am determined to build myself an autogyro as I’ve always been fascinated by them.


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