The Clocks Go Back and Autumn’s Here

It’s quite rare for me to fly in clear glasses, so, hopefully, that will give you some idea of how gloomy it was this morning. Windy too. I only managed two flights with the RS352 before calling it a day.

RS352 and Some Deer

My RS352 in the foreground, while along the line between the trees and grass, you can just see the deer.

Strangely enough, on both occasions, I managed almost perfect landings despite the windy conditions. The second landing was more of a miracle as the wind banked the aircraft 40 degrees right about 10 feet from touchdown and I had to catch it with a lot more aileron that I would like to use at that height. It was the direction and strength of the wind that really caused me the problems. Coming straight through the trees it was unpredictable and getting a lot stronger above about 40 feet in height. So much so that I was making little progress into the wind despite a forward C of G and dropping the flaps back to neutral, rather than flying with about 10 degrees of camber as I normally do. I just had the feeling that the wind was trying to throw the aircraft into the ground at every opportunity. Strangely enough, when watching a crow trying to fly close to us, it seemed to be having the same problem, so at that point I decided to call it a day.

The sun did come out briefly (causing me to switch back to the tinted lenses), and I was joined by a friend with his new Chris Foss Wots Wot and Multiplex Solius glider. The Wots Wot probably would have done really well in the wind, being that much heavier, but with both being maiden flights, we carefully avoided any mention of flying and left them on terra firma. While we were talking about Chriss Foss aircraft and my own 20 year old Wot 4, we came up with a brilliant idea. I would really like to see my Wot 4 fly again, but it would need a lot of work, so why not do a scaled down version instead? It would be amazing with a small electric motor and the name just makes itself up: “A Quarter Wot”.

Just as I was going, somebody else turned up with two high wing type ARTF aircraft that I didn’t recognise (Cessna types?). I left before seeing him fly them as the dark clouds were closing in, encouraged by the increasingly gale force wind.


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