Where Did All the Sunshine Go?

Everyone who went flying this morning thought it was going to be a bright, sunny, crisp Autumn morning, then we got to the flying field and it was overcast and grey. We’re not sure what happened, but the low cloud and overcast conditions were there for the whole morning.

Anyway, there were a lot of aircraft. Three Cessnas, a Multiplex Cub, a Cularis that had its maiden flight, a Fat Shark Predator FPV setup in what looked like an Easy Star II, my own RS352 and apparently the Russian helicopter guy was down earlier. Two of the Cessnas were identical, but different scales with the registration N9258. The larger of the two also had its maiden flight, which looked like it went rather well. I’m not sure that the two red Cessnas were both Art-Tech versions of the Cessna 182?

My own flying consisted mainly of snap roll practice and prop hanging, which I can almost do reliably now. My problem is actually translating out of the prop hang or using too much power and climbing. I also practised inside and outside loops, which left me wondering why pushing down from inverted always resulted in a right roll which needed to be corrected? There must be some way of trimming this out, but a loop from level is fine, while a loop from inverted results in screwing out to the right. It might be as simple as not having the aircraft level on entry due to the different orientation and not being used to judging it from that viewpoint. The RS352 is very sensitive to small deviations from level on inside loop entry anyway. Also, I had the CG slightly to the rear for the snap rolls as there was comparatively little wind today. The weather has been so bad for so long that I’ve got used to flying with a nose heavy balance.

Finally, I think next week I’m going to bring the AcroStik out of retirement, so I’m going to have a look at the 2200 batteries which I haven’t used for some time.

… and the flight simulator is nearly working again!



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