Heavy Drizzle and the Problems with Glasses

This morning we’re looking at periods of heavy drizzle moving through on quite a stiff breeze, so no flying this week.

Looking at the drizzle falling in the back garden in between the periods of sunshine reminded me of why I’m always cautious about flying in even very light rain. I have to wear glasses in order to see the aircraft, and I remember one day around Easter time when I was flying my own design 2.2 metre electric glider. It was a bright sunny morning, and I was happily flying this bright red and yellow glider with all moving T tail, only to get hit by some light spring rain.

It was only very light drizzle and the Sun was still out, so I ignored the rain and carried on flying.With the rain on my lenses, I found I was having to pick a spot which I could see through in order to watch the aircraft. This was fine until it was time to land and I glanced down at the ground to check distance, looked back at the aircraft and couldn’t find the spot I had been looking through. Everything was suddenly very blurry and I ended up hitting the ground quite hard and damaging a wing.

The damage wasn’t that bad and I had the aircraft flying again quite soon, but the morale of this tale should be obvious – wear a baseball cap! It keeps the rain from falling directly on the lenses.


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