Darker, It’s Definitely Getting Darker

This morning we caught the tail end of the heavy rain that went through overnight. It took me a while to work out why I couldn’t see out of the windows until I realised that the light misty rain was causing them to fog. This is the kind of rain the envelops everything outside, so no flying today. It then got darker, rained more heavily, cleared, turned bright and sunny, then rained again, just because it could.

Cocooned inside in the warm I finished off the undercarriage mounts for my ATOM autogyro, so the fuselage pod is almost complete.


There’s still an awful lot of sanding to do to complete the front curve though. The second image shows the soft balsa glued to the top of the fuselage and sanded square to the sides, front and rear. Honestly, it really is square, but the camera’s perspective makes it look like there is an angle.

I’ve got some thoughts about making the rotor head myself, but I’ll have to draw up some plans first.

As for the flight simulator, it’s getting close to flyable. I’ve got the joystick working, but the flight model is a bit hacked. I’ve exported my RS352 model into Blender though, so getting a working Collada file into the flight simulator will provide the impetus to get it to the alpha release stage.


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