It’s Perishing

The temperature was hovering around zero when I left this morning. Today was certainly eventful. I had three flights with the RS352, managing the best landing I’ve ever done so far on the second flight. The wheels touched the grass, no bounce and the aircraft ran along the ground for some distance before coming to a stop just in front of me. I must have just got lucky and hit a flat bit of ground. The third landing was rather good as well, not just for being a good landing, but also for the fact that the right aileron had stuck.

The first I knew of the problem was when I was turning the aircraft back towards myself and it didn’t respond. Going through my mind was that it could be atmospherics, but it feels more like a radio issue. I had just been telling someone that I have never had any problems with my Futaba FAAST setup, so I should know better. Anyway, two turns later and I’ve worked out that it doesn’t like turning right. It’s now lined up for a perfect landing, and when it stops at my feet a quick waggle of the right stick confirms no movement on the right aileron. The differential accounts for the sluggish right response. I’m just glad it was locked in the zero position and the left servo was still working.

The offending right aileron servo which stuck in position

The offending right aileron servo which stuck in position


Left and right servos in the aircraft

I probably can’t complain as they were the budget EMAX ES08MA servos from Robotbirds and they were 2 years old. I’ve suspected for a while that the elevator response is a bit uneven and the rudder servo might have broken a tooth, so I’m going so swap out all the servos for more expensive ones. Probably analogue ones again as I’m not a big fan of digital.

As for the rest of the day’s flying, the guy with his home made foam board flying wing managed quite a few flights. The our French and Italian firends arrived with a Discovery ST high wing trainer, a very nice silver Hobbyzone SuperCub S (micro plane, similar to the Champ), a micro quadcopter and a Chris Foss AcroWot. Unfortunately I never got to see the AcroWot fly, but maybe next time? One last thing, but when they were fixing a GoPro camera to the Discovery with velcro, I suggested tying a piece of string round it just in case the velcro came off. It’s a simple idea, but in the event that the camera fixing fails, the string means it will trail behind the aircraft and it saves the camera.


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