How To Remove Wing Servos from Foam Wings

I had to remove the servos from my RS352 recently because of the right aileron servo failing. As the wing is EPP and the servos are held in with hot melt glue, this isn’t a particularly easy job. My eventual solution was to use a large piece of plywood placed on the surface of the wing to provide a hard point for a lever with which I could carefully prise the servo out.

As you can see from the photos, without the plywood, there is nothing solid to use. While you could grab the servo lugs with a pair of pliers and pull, this will likely pull a large chunk out of the top of the wing. This method loosened both servos enough so that they could be wiggled free without any damage to the surrounding foam or top of the wing. The hot melt glue remaining in the hole was removed by slicing it into small strips with a sharp knife and peeling it off. The operation was a complete success with the two new Hitec65MG servos then fitted into the holes.

IMG_20150125_195351 IMG_20150125_195421

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