It’s Light. It’s Dark. It’s Light. It’s Dark Again.

The forecast was for 20 mph winds this morning. I wouldn’t disagree. The wind is blowing rain clouds across the Sun, so one minute it’s bright sunshine, then it goes very dark and threatening.

No flying this week then. I’ll have to get on with building the ATOM. I’ve got the curved rear fuselage pieces that go up to the mast on, so I’ve just got to add a soft balsa base and then I can start on the tail section. I soaked them in water last Sunday so they fitted nicely. Then I glued them in place and sanded the curve up to the mast largely by eye.

It seems as though most of this aircraft is soft balsa block sanded to shape, so it’s making a lot of dust. Over the years I’ve started to get really sensitive to balsa dust, so it’s time to make good use of that 20 mph wind outside. Snowstorm in the neighbour’s garden anybody?


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