How Apt. It’s Raining.

It’s raining and I’m sitting at the computer writing a web-based rainfall radar application that uses the Met Office’s DataPoint open data. Anyway, enough about the PhD I’m currently writing in geospatial data visualisation, this is supposed to be a blog about model flying.

The ATOM with the soft balsa base added and sanded

The ATOM with the soft balsa base added and sanded.

As you can see, the ATOM build is progressing, if rather slowly at the moment. After what seemed like an awful lot of sanding, the soft balsa base is almost finished and the fuselage lines now resemble something like the photographs in the magazine. I’m almost at the point where I can attach the boom and tail, so it’s starting to look like an aircraft.

I’ve also been doing rather a lot of quadcopter practice with the HubSan Q4, but I can’t say why just yet. Let’s just say that I’ve watched Star Wars The Phantom Menace and Return of the Jedi again and if everything comes off, racing though the forest moon of Endor will be absolutely manic. A friend recommended the “QuadcopterFX” app for Android to practise on for FPV experience, which I now seem to be addicted to. I’ve also been looking at the journal articles written by the researchers at the GRASP lab at the University of Pennsylvania with a view to building my own quadcopter model for my own flight simulator. These were the guys who did all the crazy YouTube movies of quadcopters doing extreme manoeuvres controlled by a computer and vision system. It’s actually much easier to model a multirotor than an aircraft, so I’ll give it a go when I get some spare time.


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