RS352 Flies Again

Today was the first flight after losing the prop on the RS352’s last flight. Everything works fine after the repairs, but I was taking it easy, so no prop hanging. I managed four flights, in conditions that were cold, overcast and very windy. One thing I did notice in the 10-15 MPH gusty conditions was that the loops and cuban eights seem to elongate compared to flat calm. I’m not sure why that should be, but it’s something I’ve noticed on a number of occasions, almost as if I’m losing less height in the inverted part of the loop.

Anyway, I was amazed that, despite the really horrible weather, it was incredibly busy this morning. When I turned up there were already two guys with identical blue Corsairs and the two guys from the week before with the DJI Inspire (never got it out of the box), two racing quads (continually getting lost and had a walk to recover them from the outskirts of the field) and a Hobby King Twin Star clone modified for FPV. This aircraft was the one that crashed last time, and was also a bit of a handful this time out in the wind. It looked to be too heavy, but he managed to land it without any damage. As for the two Corsairs, they apparently listened to the weather forecast and got there at 08:30am when it was sunny and calm, so they had done all their flying by the time I arrived with the wind. They left shortly after I arrived.

There were three more arrivals later. One guy had a Delta Ray, a larger foam Cessna and another small foam aircraft. He said his thinking was to bring lots of planes so he could guarantee to get some flying in. I only saw him fly the Cessna though, which actually flew very well in the conditions. Then there was the Multiplex Cularis (which didn’t fly) and the Multiplex Zeno wing which also flew amazingly well. The third guy had a foam Super Cub and Firebird Stratos, both of which flew. Finally, the last arrivals had a big hexcopter, which we got to see fly, but only to hover and translate back and forth a bit.

All in all, it was a really busy morning despite the conditions, with three aircraft in the air for large periods of time.


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