Back in the Air Again

After not flying anything for about a month, I finally got back in the air with the RS352 again.I really should have balanced the LiPos the night before though, as I only got in three flights, not the usual four, due to taking longer than normal to charge. It was a good morning’s flying though, and very busy with lots of people and different aircraft. No quadcopters though, which defies the recent trend.

When I got there this morning, there was a guy already there flying a small foam aircraft that looked like an Extra. I’m not sure what this was exactly, but it was very quick and agile in what were really gusty conditions. He was practising his prop hangs, but that’s really difficult to achieve with such a small model in those conditions. Loops, flicks and spins looked really goo though.

Then we had the Xeno flying wing and another Multiplex glider (Solius?), plus a brand new EFlite Whipit hand launch which I got to fly. It’s an interesting little handlaunch glider of the UMX ultra micro size, but it was too windy for it to really show what it can do. I ended up flying with the elevator pushed forwards trying to make it penetrate the wind. It should be really good in clam conditions though.

Next up, two of the regulars arrived with an entire car full of aircraft including a Fun Cub, Parkzone Radian Glider, Champ, Hobbyzone UMX Beast Biplane and an Ezee Bee. This is the one which really interested me as I flew a foam version once and couldn’t get it down for about an hour! There is a plan of something called a “Lazy Bee” here which is a variant on the “Bee” range:

I tried to get some flying pictures, but it’s next to impossible with a camera phone. I just loved the fact that it had a cabin with glass windows that you could see right through when it was in the air:

The Easy Bee in flight

The Easy Bee in flight

The one and only flight didn’t go according to plan though, as it looks like it stripped the gears on the motor and landed with no thrust despite still making high pitched whining noises. There was no other damage though.

The next flight was with the Beast, which I hand launched. Unfortunately, the power died at the exact moment it left my hand, but I had given it a fairly significant push, so it came to rest in the grass ahead of us without any damage. The second flight with a fully charged LiPo wasn’t so good, with the aircraft continuing to turn left from launch despite full right being applied. This ended up in the grass again, but with some damage to the inter-wing struts and ailerons. The thing I don’t like about this aircraft is that the control surfaces are very difficult to centre and the control rods get bent very easily in transit, resulting in an aircraft which is always out of trim every time you fly it.

Anyway, that’s enough for this week, I still need to finish off my ATOM Autogyro blades, but I’m getting ever closer to something that might actually fly.



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