Did Anybody Check the Wind Forecast?

This morning it was just me and the other guy who turned up with his friend and a little green Extra 260. I was too busy looking at the rain forecast to realise that the wind was going to be rather extreme though. Friday’s forecast had heavy rain for just the wrong time on Sunday morning, but, by Saturday, this had altered by a few hours, so the heavy rain was in the early morning. It was excessively windy all morning though, probably in excess of 30mph as the aircraft wouldn’t stay on the ground and kept getting blown over. I still managed 4 flights with the RS352, although it was a little hairy and the landing technique was basically to come in fast and hover it down, then grab it before the wind could flip it over. I hadn’t flown for quite a few weeks, so there was no way I was going to miss this weekend.

Anyway, I got the new servos for the ATOM autogyro during the week and cut the holes for them yesterday. I’ve got 3 new Tower Pro MG90D digital metal gear servos from Robot Birds. They arrived in a couple of days which was fantastic. I thought about getting the newer MG92B, but I was a bit worried about the size as I had already cut the holes for the Futaba servos which the Tower Pro ones replace. The MG92B is a bit bigger than the MG90D, which in turn is a bit longer and deeper than the Futaba ones, so I was worried about being able to modify the already almost complete ATOM fuselage. They went in relatively easy though, so I’m hoping for a fully working head mechanism later on today.


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