Raining Again

I can’t believe it’s raining again. We had a torrential downpour on Friday, then Saturday was OK, but probably too windy to fly. It’s now Sunday morning and we’re back to heavy rain which the forecast says is set for the rest of the day. No flying this week then. I’ve got a lot of work to do anyway, so maybe it’s a good thing?

In terms of aircraft, though, I’m still installing the servos for the ATOM autogyro. I had to add some thin ply shims as the servo retaining screws are so close to the edge it would split the wood otherwise. Hopefully I can now drill some pilot holes and fix the servos in place without causing any problems. It’s been a lot more difficult than I thought it would be with the new Tower Pro servos being deeper than the Futaba ones which I made the original holes for. So I’ve gradually made the holes deeper, adjusted the width and length, added additional ply shims and now everything should fit perfectly. Just waiting for the glue to dry now, then I can finally make the head work.

Also, I’ve been looking at quadcopter flight controllers, and I’m really interested in trying to get the Arducopter software working on some of my own hardware. I don’t actually know at the moment whether it can be made to work on an Arduino Nano, but I would really like to build my own replacement for the HubSan X4 which I seem to have worn out.


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