It’s Not Raining

It’s not raining, but it is the “Ride London” event this week, so I’m trapped inside the course and unable to go flying. The only good flying day for the last six weeks and all I can do is sit here and stare out the window at the bright sunshine, motionless trees and perfect conditions.

I’m still building the ATOM autogyro, but I had a bit of a problem with the ATOM’s head servo linkages. I should probably have checked first, but I assumed the threaded pushrods I had in my bits box were the 2mm variety. When I came to connect them to the ball links on the autogyro rotor head it was obvious that they were too small. Having looked everywhere for a bit of 2mm wire and even considered stealing coat hangers, there is nothing suitable in the house, so I’ll have to order some piano wire. I might get away with soldering or threading a joiner to make two longer links, but the 20cm needed to connect between the servo heads and the ball links on the rotor is a lot longer than anything I’ve been able to find lying around. After getting stuck on the ailerons and elevator, I started looking into the rudder linkage again, so I’ve just started assembling the tail sections which I now need built in order to get the correct spacing. I’ve made a linkage from a bolt, the sintered brass front of an old speed 400 motor, a piece of fibreglass board and a servo pushrod connector. I don’t really understand how these servo connectors work, as the screw is always going to loosen as the servo moves the wire back and forward. Because they have to rotate, mechanically, the screw will always come off. Anyway, mine were brass, unlike the picture, so I’m going to solder it once I get the mechanics working. The ATOM rudder linkage isn’t exactly what they were designed for anyway.

I’ve also been fixing the broken motor on my HubSan Q4 quadcopter this morning. There will be another post later with the pictures, but the battery is blinking at me to say it’s charged, so I’m off to fly it now, even if it is just indoors.


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