Flying Again!

The grass has been cut and the skylarks are gone again for another year, but by some miracle we’re sandwiched between two really nasty weather systems. The rain held off all morning and the wind was almost non-existent, although it looked really threatening and not at all like August. I was the first there, but was gradually joined by the Multiplex Xeno flying wing, the guy who’s Sniper I flew the other week, now with a Super Cub, and someone who I haven’t seen for a very long time flying his own design. We talked autogyros for a bit as his one is apparently ready to fly, apart from some method for spinning up the rotor. My ATOM is coming along, but I’m still working on the canopy and cockpit at the moment. I’m about to build a pilot so it doesn’t look so bare underneath the clear canopy.

Anyway, late on in the morning a whole lot of people turned up, but they only had a really tiny quadcopter and a Whipit hand launch. He was flying the quadcopter around when I left, but I never saw the Whipit fly. I managed three flights with the RS352, but that was about it really, apart from talking about Extras with the guy who had the Xeno. Apparently he has a Multiplex Extra 300 which he flew a couple of weeks ago and was absolutely perfect from its first flight. Not like my Extra at all, but I really must get mine flight ready again as it’s just sitting in the cupboard. I need to get the ATOM flown first, though, so back to building the canopy. It’s a Bank Holiday tomorrow, so I should have lots of time on my hands.


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