Lots of New Bits

Lots of new flying stuff to play with.

Lots of new flying stuff to play with.

Today my latest order from Robot Birds turned up, which is pretty good when you consider that I ordered it on Friday and here I am unpacking it on Monday evening.

I needed some epoxy to stick the tail on my autogyro and I’d given my last tube to a certain person to fix his radio controlled range rover. I’m going to to another blog post later about how I fixed the bell crank on the ATOM, but there’s obviously more in the box than just glue. I know I should really finish the autogyro first, but it’s close to flying and I had another project that just couldn’t wait.

It should be obvious from the photo that it’s a 250 size quadcopter, but there’s no frame as I wanted to try something a bit out of the ordinary. You see far too many of these “radio controlled car” aircraft which people have just bought and screwed together. The design isn’t completely ironed out yet, but I’m definitely going to build something unusual.


Can you guess what I'm making?

Can you guess what I’m making?

So there you have a quadcopter with all the parts laid out ready for soldering. But I promise that I’m going to finish the autogyro’s head and tail bits with that “z-poxy” epoxy resin that’s hiding in the bottom of the box. OK, so there are 12 props in the picture, but I bought some different pitch ones and the radio is coming out of my flying wing temporarily. It should be fun programming the NAZE controller and I also have another 10 degrees of freedom sensor board which I’m keen to try out with the Arducopter software in an Arduino Nano. The controller here is a really fast one, so it should vastly out-perform the Nano. It was designed to be a test bed to for experimentation though. I’m really not planning on racing it.


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