Things With One Prop and Things With Four

I spent most of yesterday afternoon doing some tests for filming the build of my 250 quadcopter. Having bought a “Joby” suction cup mount and gaffer taped a Nexus 4 phone to it, I was able to suspend the phone above the work area and use the “Lapse-It Pro” App to capture one frame every half a second. The results were interesting, but not that great. I need to get better at this before we try and film the DJI 450 build.

I’ve uploaded the tests to Vimeo here:


Anyway, we had more people flying this week than I’ve seen in a long time. First, there were the two French guys flying a foam Corsair and Canadian Beaver, then the EFlite Advance and Multiplex Heron. This was followed by the young boy with the Fun Cub who flew while the rest of his family played a combination of football and frisbee. Then there was the guy from the other week with the Cessna and foam Fly Baby, which we did get to see fly this week (see picture), after having to be rescued from a tree on a previous outing. Next, there was a father and son with a Delta Ray. I’ve seen them before, but not for quite a few weeks now. The strange thing about this was when, after a few flights, they decided to repaint their aircraft using black spray paint and masking tape. I’ve never actually seen someone respray their aircraft at the flying field and we all thought the black paint wasn’t going to dry fast enough for them to fly again. Although still a bit tacky, they did fly it and the black stripes were really striking in the air. This might not be such a crazy idea after all. Next to arrive was another father and son who I helped out with the rates on his aircraft a month or two ago. This time out he had a Mustang profile aircraft which he proceeded to throw around the sky at some speed, plus a high wing foam trainer type which he had modified to carry a parachute. His flew this once and we got to see the parachute and super-hero float back down to the ground which was quite effective. Finally, we watched as a new flyer was walking across the field carrying a brown cardboard box. We all guessed that it was probably a 250 size quad, so I ended up talking to him about the wiring and lack of space for a while, thinking about what I’m going to be doing this afternoon. He was flying it when I left and it seemed to be going really well. As for me, I managed 4 flights with the RS352 and then it was time to go home.


The Fly Baby flying

The Fly Baby flying

I’ve built the tail of the Autogyro and have now got to the point where I need to glue the mast and tail longerons with the glue I bought last week. I really need to upload some more photos, but I’m tied up with the quadcopter build at the moment. Hopefully that won’t take long and I can get back to some real building.


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