A Test Flight Missed

It’s blowing a gale today and, with threats of heavy rain, any flying is cancelled. That’s a real problem because I needed to test fly the FPV gear on the quadcopter that I flew for the first time last week. Christened “Spidey”, I’ve spent the whole weekend just trying to fit all the wiring and electronics on to it, so I don’t actually think I could have flown it this morning anyway. As the weather forecast was fairly certain for Sunday morning, I was resigned to not being able to fly, so moved just about every component around on the airframe in order to get the best possible installation.


The 250 size FPV quadcopter almost ready. Only one of the blade guards has been added. The FPV camera is just visible at the bottom of the picture near the power lead.

So far today, I’ve installed an FPV camera, modified a power board because it didn’t fit, soldered a brand new power system and moved all of the motor and radio wiring.

I’ve still got a lot of work to do to get it to a flying state, so I’ve got to go back to work now.



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