The Day After Boxing Day

The weather’s horrible again. It’s dark, it’s windy and it’s raining. Plus it’s still Christmas so I generally have a break from flying anyway. That means that I haven’t flown fixed wing for the whole of December. With the UK Drone show on the 5th and 6th, I’m fairly sure that the only flying I’ve done this month was with multi-rotors. That’s a very worrying thought, so the first New Year’s resolution is to go back to flying fixed wing.

On the plus side, I have been getting on with the ATOM Autogyro. In the end I just had to bite the bullet and stick the tail on. Now that’s done I can sort out the rudder linkages and controls and after that I’ll glue the mast in and work on the aileron and elevator.

IMG_20151227_093925 IMG_20151227_093936 IMG_20151227_093948

I’ve also been doing some filming (of multi-rotors) with the GoPro Hero4 Session camera that I had last week. I still haven’t really warmed to it as, even after flashing the camera with the latest firmware, the buttons still don’t work and it has a habit of crashing all the time. It’s just the most annoying thing to use, but it does take good high resolution pictures. Once I get a tripod I’ve got to film the disassembly of the quadcopter that we used for the UK Drone Show.


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