New Year, Same Weather

Well, I would have gone flying today, apart from the fact that it’s been raining all day so far. Not just light rain either, it’s been absolutely chucking it down. Anyway, last night’s weather forecast told me this was going to be a building day, so I’ve made good use of my time and almost got the waggly bits to waggle on the back end of the autogyro.


The back end of the ATOM autogyro showing the linkages connected up (almost).

At the moment I’m still waiting for the epoxy on the fibreglass control horns to fully set before bending the wire to fit the hole in the right rudder horn. I’ve used a piece of PCB to form the bell crank in the middle, you can still see the copper coating. I couldn’t bend the wire before putting it through the locking point in the bell crank because the wire won’t fit round the 90 degree corner. I’m also going to add some tubing to the wire as stop points as I don’t trust that screw in the middle to hold. I thought that a couple of bits of silicon tube either side of the centre screw would maintain some rudder control in the event of the stop screw failing. I’m also putting a nylon lock nut underneath to hold everything onto the bell crank nice and secure. It’s not that I’m paranoid, I just don’t like bits falling off in flight.

Once the back end is done, I just need to glue the mast and screw in the aileron and elevator rods, which should be an easy job. I think that’s it apart from some final installation, fixing the canopy and covering, so it’s almost ready to fly. I guess that’s my first New Year’s resolution then.


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