More Annoying Weather

Today is one of those days when it started off overcast, then ended up as a bright, crisp sunny morning, making me think I should have gone flying after all. Like I said, it’s just annoying. We had some really extreme weather yesterday and this morning is just a bit of a lull in the weather until the serious stuff arrives later on, so the timing and flying window was always going to be limited. Yesterday there were gale force winds, rain and then a hail storm to finish off. When I look outside this morning, I can see a small anemometer which belongs to a house over the back. It’s definitely windy because I can see it spinning around at about 90 miles per hour, then it slows to a stop and everything is calm, then it spins up again. Annoying.


An Adafruit BNO 055 gyro sensor (left) and an Arduino Nano on a breadboard.

Anyway, I can’t post any pictures of the ATOM autogyro at the moment as I’ve just glued the mast on and I’m waiting for it to set. All the tail bits with the rudders and bell crank should be working now, although I haven’t actually tried the servo yet. The closed loop links are all in place and I’ve moved on to the aileron and elevator controls.

The picture above is what I’m planning to experiment with for the rest of the day. A while ago I got a gyro sensor which I can connect to an Arduino board and try out some micro quadcopter code. The idea is to take four motors and props from a HubSan X4, build some motor control circuitry for the Arduino and see if I can make a quadcopter fly. In addition to this I need to do some work on the quadcopter simulator if I get time later this evening.


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