The RS352 sitting on a thin layer of overnight snow

It’s the first flight of 2016 and my first fixed wing flight since before the Drone Show in early December and we’ve had a light dusting of snow overnight. It’s been years since I’ve flown in snow and I really hope we get a bit more just so I can fix skis to the RS352. It was actually quite warm to begin with, but it seemed to get much colder as the morning went on, to the point where I was beginning to think that my boots were letting in water. The cold seemed to be freezing my feet and my fingers weren’t doing much better on the three flights that I managed with the RS352. The real problem with snow is that you seem to get water in everywhere and it must really have been cold as I found that condensation had formed on the screen of my smartphone. I’ve never seen that happen before.

When I arrived there was already one person there with a small red and white Monocoupe from the inter-war period. After that I was joined by a guy with a DJI Inspire, someone else with an EFlite Advance and near the end a father and son with a foamy Cessna arrived. Somewhere in the middle we also saw a DJI Phantom being flown, but they were being anti-social and keeping away from us. They were also flying a long way out of the confines of the field which isn’t allowed. Then, right when most of us were leaving, somebody with a foam flying wing equipped with FPV turned up. We saw the first flight (and the crash before it), then left him alone in the cold. Most of the snow had gone by this point, but we were absolutely freezing.

As you can probably guess, I haven’t done much on the ATOM Autogyro this week, apart from glue in the mast. The rudders work, so aileron and elevator are next. This project got bumped down the priority list by an urgent requirement for a micro quadcopter that we need for work. I’ll add some more details about this later, but for the moment I need to get back to making a Flip32+ board control some brushed motors on a single LiPo cell. This is going to be my replacement for my own HubSan X4 which hasn’t been working right for a while now.


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