Ripples in the Grass

It’s a lovely sunny morning, but it’s so windy that you can see waves being created as the wind blows the blades of grass in gusts. Yesterday was even worse with 50 mph winds, so I wasn’t expecting to do any flying outside this week.

I know I said I was finished with quadcopters for a now, but events turned out slightly differently. We have a 3D printed frame for a micro quad that I need to build for work, so I spent Friday evening cleaning up the 3D printing defects and Saturday de-soldering the PCB from my broken HubSan X4.


The 3D printed frame and four 55mm props for scale. Diagonals are 100mm.


With the motors added.

After lifting the PCB out of my HubSan and soldering 8 connectors for the motors, the final result looks something like this:

I’m very happy with the result, apart from the fact that my HubSan elctronics just refuses to work. I knew this before, which was the reason why I was willing to transplant it into another frame for a test. Sometimes it would work fine, then die as soon as you spun the props, and other times it worked perfectly. In other words, intermittent. The trouble is that I can’t get it to work at all now, apart from a brief glimpse of life last night. It must be a cracked PCB or bad solder joint somewhere, but I just can’t seem to fix it. Anyway, when it did come on I proved that there was enough power for it to fly when it flipped over and tried to take a chunk out of my finger. That’s what I like about this size of quad. It feels like it’s powerful enough to damage your fingers and it hurts, but it’s actually perfectly safe. Just what we need for a bunch of 13 year old students.


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