Weather Again

It’s quite bright and sunny this morning, but there’s a strong northeasterly breeze which means that it’s not worth venturing out of the house to fly. I’m also grounded for other logistical problems and have a mountain of work to catch up on before Monday.

Despite this, I’ve made some more progress with the autogyro, to the point where I’m now looking at it thinking, “what do I still need to do before I can cover it?”. The pictures should give an idea of the current state of progress.

I’m currently making the tail skid as you can see that I’m having to balance the back end on an old 2v glowplug battery. The weird thing is that part of the balsa skid had been cut off, so I must have thought it was scrap 6mm balsa at some point and cut the top off to make something else. Now, not having any more 6mm sheet to hand, I had to find another scrap and stick it to the top to make a complete piece. The fibreglass bit is going to get stuck on soon, after which I can attach it to the underside of the tail. The aileron and elevator rods all work, but I’m still in the process of trimming the canopy so that they can poke out of a hole. Carefully and little bits at a time is the way to do this so I don’t cut too much off. I just keep fiddling with it and gradually improving the fit until I’m happy with it. Also, the pilot needs painting, so that’s something else I can do.

Last weekend I spent far too much time on the quadcopter simulator which we’re going to need for a workshop in three weeks’ time. It’s about ready for release, once I’ve done a few final tweaks. I’ve also ordered a replacement PCB for my HubSan X4 which is currently sitting in a custom 3D printed frame. That’s due to arrive next week, so I should be able to resurrect my little HubSan in another body.

Hopefully next week we’ll get some better weather.


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