Easter Rain Day

It’s Easter Sunday today and the clocks went forward onto British Summer Time this morning, so I had already lost an hour of flying anyway. After the current run of good flying weather, it’s all been brought to a halt over the Easter weekend. So far this morning we’ve had gale force winds, torrential rain, thunder and lightening, hail and bright sunshine. I remember when I used to test fly my new models over Easter and could get several consecutive good days of flying in. One year I remember bringing a succession of Kyosho F16 EDF, Vampire EDF, Extra 300 and Flying Wing on different days to comments of, “I’ve seen you here four days running with four different models” from a guy I bumped into.

Needless to say, pressures of work mean I haven’t got the ATOM Autogryo finished yet, but I have made some progress with “Bob” who’s going to be flying it for me. You can see him here in the cockpit and I’m really rather impressed with how he’s looking. Bearing in mind I was intending to do a pilot with a helmet and then changed my mind after reading the RCM&E article on pilot models. This was about how you don’t ever see someone flying a plane in a motorcycle helmet like the ATOM prototype has, so I think it’s come out really well considering. I had already made the head helmet shaped, so added a cardboard peak for the baseball cap and painted the top of his head red. That worked, so I mixed some red and white and gave him pink skin. Later today I’m going to give him some blond hair, eyes, nose and a mouth. The eyes I can cover up with dark glasses, but I think the nose and mouth might be my undoing (scarf?). Anyway, I’ve got two weeks off work so I’m hoping I can finish this now and fly it when the wind finally drops. I have discovered a bit of a problem, though, in the way the motor wires don’t reach through to the speed controller. I’m going to need to make the hole in the firewall a lot bigger and just hope for the best. Other than a few awkward bits and pieces (and painting and covering), there isn’t much left to do but make it work.

As for doing any flying this Easter, I do have 18 batteries (yes 18) left over from the Royal Institution session we did a couple of weeks ago. That would give me quite a lot of flying time with the HubSan X4C, but I am starting to get really fed up with quadcopters. I want to do something unusual, so have a look at the 3D printed frame on the left in the picture below:


Does it remind you of anything? Have a look at some of these images of an Eagle from Space 1999: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=space+1999+eagle+images

That might surprise a few people if they saw it flying around. It’s an Eagle, NOT a Drone.


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