Drones, Red Kite, Geese

There were already 4 drones at the field when I arrived this morning. One was flying away from the main area, so I invited them over to join us in the middle, but they never did. He was flying a DJI Phantom around where he was standing for a while and then left. As for the others, there was a DJI Inspire flying, a camera equipped white foam twin boom FPV plane and a vortex quad, and there was another DJI Phantom, but to his credit he also had a home built Spitfire from a Internet plan. It was one of those which are built up using foam boards, but it flew really well. A little while after me there was the EFlite Advance and another guy on a bike with a Vortex quad in his backpack. All in all we were outnumbered by drones.

Some aerial footage of my RS352 taken with the HuBSan X4C. Don’t forget the 20mph wind and the fact that a HubSan is about 38g. [link]

By this point it was getting very windy indeed, despite the bright sunshine, so my four flights with my RS352 were all a bit of an experience. It’s still making a slightly different noise with its new motor shaft, but nothing has come loose so far. The prop adapter does need some attention, though, as I could see that it was moving forward considerably every flight. I didn’t even need my home made feeler gauge made from a Cafe Nero coffee stirrer to see that. It might be the prop hangs on the second flight that did it, but the prop attachment does need some attention before the next flight.

Other than that, not much happened, apart from a couple of geese coming over from the pond to see what we were doing and what was apparently a red kite flying overhead for a while. I’ve never seen one of these before and first caught sight of it coming across from the trees to the left of the car park. At first I thought it was a seagull, but then you could see that it was a big bird of prey. A lot bigger than the hawks we normally get. It was also taking rather too much interest in my plane flying around beneath it. One of the other guys told me that it is a red kite, so I’ll have to go and look it up later. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a picture of it because of the height. Putting the camera equipped HubSan up would have been interesting, but it would probably have got eaten. It was a bit scary flying it in what was now at least a 20 mph wind, but I did give it a go.

I must get round to editing all the video footage I’ve got from the HubSan later today, but I said I would try and make some progress with the AutoGyro. I’ve got a fair representation of a pilot now, so I need to concentrate on just making it all work.


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