Virtual No Flying

I’ve been a bit busy with work this weekend and the weather is also quite windy, so I ended up cycling over to the flying field with nothing to fly. I was really late and didn’t arrive until about 11:30 and stayed until 12:30 hoping somebody else would turn up. In the end nobody did and I sat there playing PicaSim on my phone to amuse myself. It’s not the same as the real thing, but the weather was against it this week. I did notice, though, that the top of the flying board was missing which I don’t think was the case last week. That’s rather annoying, but we could really do with getting it fixed anyway.

The building of the autogyro is going quite well and I’ve got the radio in and the head working. I’m going to try and use an inclinometer to get all the movement angles right before cutting the pushrods to length as I don’t want to cut too much off. The pilot is glued in, so I need to figure out how to fix the canopy in place. For such a large hollow fuselage, it’s amazing how little space there is for the installation.

That’s it I’m afraid, back to work again now.

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