Hot and Sunny with Bumpy Squirly Bits

It’s hot and sunny this morning and it wasn’t until later on that the wind became really stupidly strong, so it brought lots of people out flying today.

As I arrived there was a dad and his two boys just leaving after not being able to get the power to work on their foam high wing trainer. They’d seen me flying before, so stayed for a bit to watch my first flight with the RS352. There was no wind at all at this point, so it was very much a trimming flight with long slow aerobatics to see how everything was performing.

I had noticed three guys dragging a trolley with two big black boxes across the field and, sure enough, when they arrived it was a couple of DJI Inspires. They looked like they were doing their permission for aerial work with the pilot log books they had. Also as I was arriving there was the American guy who used to fly a while back in the wind and rain with the foam Cessnas. He brought his wife with him and went way down the other end of the field to the shade of the small tree and proceeded to fly a V-tail electric warmliner glider all morning. After that we had another DJI Inspire, then the small UMX SpaceWalker that I often fly with his son carrying another big SpaceWalker, Parkzone Radian glider, Fun Cub, small Cessna, Lazy Bee (with big eyes) and a free flight West Wings model that we had some fun trying to fly in the wind. Also, there was the E-Flite Advance with a big foam glider, another guy with a Radian who had to ask directions to the car park and a whole host of other drones who never came near us. One of these guys was flying what could have been a scale Apache helicopter, but we think he was the one flying the dark and white coloured aircraft last week. There was also a father and son with a DJI Phantom which almost came over.

As for the flying, I had 4 flights with the RS352, with the later ones in really windy conditions. On one landing I ended up upside down as the wing caught the wind side on at the last moment and flipped it over. There was no speed at that point, so it didn’t do any damage. The final landing was also a bit interesting with me having to use about 50% power and really fly it down to the ground. The flare then resulted in the aircraft catching the wind and launching 10 feet into the air. An almost perfect landing only resulting from quick application of all the control surfaces and throttle.

The big SpaceWalker looked fantastic in the air and its extra mass really worked in the conditions. It could hold the momentum through manoeuvres where my RS352 was getting thrown about and losing all forward speed. The Lazy Bee also looked good, but had a motor problem part way through the flight and had to be brought down. This took quite a long time to get back down to Earth and shows that these things really glide well. It reminds me of the time I was flying somebody else’s one and it wouldn’t come down for about 45 minutes despite looping and spinning it.

That’s about it, apart from saying that there were so many models this morning that I forgot to take any pictures. My ATOM autogyro is also nearly ready. I’ve been measuring the head movement and found that it’s about twice what it needs to be, so that’s not too much of a problem. I’m going to try and glue the canopy together later while there’s enough light to see what I’m doing. Hopefully that will be flying soon.


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