Deer and Skylarks

I thought it was just going to be me, the deer and the skylarks for a while this morning as the weather was cold and windy. The grass is just starting to grow again, and there were hundreds of skylarks swooping around, which is really good to see as we were beginning to worry that they were dying out.

As it turned out, there were some people flying a DJI Phantom some distance away, then a UMX Champ came across by electric bike, followed a little later by a very nice gentleman with a DJI Phantom 2 and then finally we had somebody with a Vortex racing quad (with very dodgy PID values).

I also got an answer to the problem of the UMX Stryker and SpaceWalker crashes of a couple of weeks ago. While we didn’t fly the Champ because of the wind, he apparently now has a new Carbon Cub, which he was having difficulty setting up. His Spektrum radio refused to bind and, on further inspection, it turns out that the antenna wire was broken. This was the radio I was using with the Stryker and SpaceWalker, so almost certainly explains the loss of control I had with both. It was probably working intermittently, with complete loss at certain orientations. In the case of the Stryker this just had to be when it was heading vertically downwards, resulting in the crash.

As for me, I’d had two flights before anybody else turned up. The deer are completely un-bothered by the plane and just stand there watching it flying around them. I had 5 flights in all, one where the battery cut about 3 minutes before I was expecting, so it might finally be time to ditch the original LiPos which are now over 3 years old. It was really windy and turbulent with the direction blowing straight through the trees lining the road, which is unusual. I had a bit of a practice of the harrier manoeuvre, but it was really too windy. You can do it if you slow right down to the point where it goes ‘mushy’, then power into the 45 degree nose up attitude. At that point you can see me over controlling it with the ailerons to try and keep it in the harrier while all around a gale is blowing up. I need to do some more 3D setup with the RS352 as it needs more elevator movement for this type of manoeuvre. A finer pitch prop might also help, as there isn’t enough control to be able to hover without the huge thrust powering it skywards. I did just about manage the hover and quite a good prop hang as well. I think I need to go back to my radio setup now and make a few changes.

OK, that’s it for flying this week. Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday, so I’m going to try and finish up all the little jobs that are left on the AutoGyro. That means covering it, so it’s time to hunt out some really bright profilm.


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