Two Waves of Planes and a Hunt for a Camera


It was really busy today with a couple of guys I haven’t seen before with a selection of foam aircraft and two clever golf trolley transporters that they made themselves. One had just landed as I got there, plus there was the helicopter guy and the DJI Inspire pilot who I keep bumping into. They all packed up and left after my first flight, leaving me with the Hurricane pilot from last time, now flying a foam Super Cub. There was also the UMX Cub and UMX SpaceWalker, but, unfortunately, he had forgotten to bring his batteries so I never got to fly either of them. Shortly after that the second wave arrived in the form of the Italian contingent who I had words with a few weeks ago about flying his DJI Phantom the other side of some trees. They had the Phantom and a selection of foam aircraft including a Spitfire, Corsair, high wing trainer and small bright green delta. The Spitfire didn’t last long before they crashed it into the ground on the first flight and destroyed the nose. The Corsair didn’t fly as they couldn’t get it to work, the hight wing trainer and green wing went well, but they were still doing stupid things with the Phantom. First, they nearly took their dog’s nose off with the blades, then decided that letting the kid grab hold of the undercarriage while it hovered above them was a good idea. How they didn’t cut themselves on the blades given how close they were flying it to themselves was a miracle.

One other person arrived later with a couple of foam Hobby King Easy Star clones. I’ve never seen this before, but one of them was going to be retired, so he cut off the polyhedral tips in front of us to see how aerobatic that would make it. The picture above shows the now clipped wing Hobby King aircraft flying really well. Unfortunately, it crashed shortly after this picture was taken and the runcam came off the front and was lost in the long grass. I went and helped in the search, along with a cyclist who was passing by and had stopped to watch the aircraft. It was actually him who found it in the end, after the pilot had given up looking. As usual, he said it was just sitting there in the grass looking back up at him. This is after we spent 20 minutes in a grid search pattern starting at the aircraft’s final resting place and working outwards. The aircraft was fine and he got the camera back, so all was well in the end.

I managed to get in 4 flights with my RS352, but it was getting really windy, despite the warm sunshine. The first flight was very smooth, with big accurate cuban 8s and perfectly executed stall turns and rolls. The second flight was really ragged. On the third I even switched out my camber which was a big improvement. I really must set this up right, as it’s a good setting to use in the wind as the airspeed is higher. It’s just that the elevator needs to be held in as the mix is wrong at the moment. The fourth and final flight was much the same. Landings were a bit interesting with the cross wind gusts and trying to hit the only patch of short grass in the middle, but that bit worked really well this week. Telemetry would be interesting to see how I’m going up and down balancing the throttle and elevator though.

That’s it for another week. Let’s hope next weekend is also flyable.



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