OK, it’s a butterfly on a flower, but the ducklings were too quick for me. I’ve never seen this before, but a mother duck and three ducklings must have wandered all the way through the grass from the pond to where the flying site is. I just happened to see them as them came out of the long grass to cross the path, then back into the long grass on the other side. All following along in a line with their heads bobbing up and down. Then I just caught sight of them crossing the other path and they disappeared back into the undergrowth.

Anyway, as for the flying, it was just me and the Beast today. Nobody else turned up as the weather was overcast looking like it was going to rain, then bright sunshine with lots of wind on and off. I had to adjust the movement on the Beast’s ailerons (75%) and elevator (60%) on his new Spektrum 6i, but it flew really well in the conditions. I only had one flight, but it was the first time I’ve used this radio and it felt really good to fly with. The sticks are just right and it’s a nice weight and solid feel. The Beast was a bit of a handful as always though.

As for me, I had four flights with the RS352, managed some nice Harriers and that was about it. I’ve been a bit busy with work this week, so this was my only couple of hours off.

Hopefully things will improve a bit once we get into July.


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