Blue Dragonflies and Helicopters

It was a quiet morning flying today as there were only three of us there. The weather was also quite pleasant as, while yesterday had been sunny and very hot, today was more overcast with a cooling breeze. It was really bumpy in the air though, as big black clouds were being blown overhead by a stiff breeze, along with patches of thermal activity.

I got to fly a helicopter, which is always a brave thing for the owner to do. It was a Micro Twister which I had flown for him before, but it seemed to have a problem with the aileron (or whatever it’s called on a helicopter). I was steering it around on the rudder, while it felt like I was having to hold in a lot of left aileron to keep it from rolling right. The ailerons didn’t seem to have any directional effect, so, luckily, I could fly it around on rudder and elevator only. I’m getting better at helicopters, but it probably was too windy for it. My landing was fairly typical and best described as more of a crash into long grass. These really lightweight models are quite hard to get down and execute what I would call a proper landing as they have no real forward momentum. You just plop them into the ground.

Anyway, the owner of the micro helicopter also had a bind and fly UMX Corsair, but unfortunately no transmitter as he had left it at home. We also had a Sniper II and a small foam Mustang which I’ve seen fly before and which goes really well. The Sniper does look very similar to my RS352, but he obviously had a lot more aileron response than I have as it looked quite lively in the air. By comparison, he has no differential on his, but the movement actually looks less than I have. It was noted that mine looks much more controllable in the air, for what is an almost identical aircraft. He was also using 1300mAh 3S packs like me, but an EMax motor compared to my Hyperion one.

I managed to get 4 flights with my RS352 this week, but I think I need to change my transmitter battery as it was showing 8.9v after the last flight. I probably shouldn’t leave it until the low voltage alarm starts going off again. The conditions were rather bumpy, but we compared how much throttle I used to cruise compared to the Sniper (about 50%), knife edge ability, loops and rolls. He hasn’t tried any 3D aerobatics yet, but I did a bit of practice on the hover (it just won’t do it in any stable fashion) and prop hanging.

By the end of the session it was starting to get very hot (33C) and sunny again, so I was quite pleased to pack up and go home. I hadn’t realised, but on the walk back the grass is quite a bit longer than it looks. It’s quite a jungle out there, which is to let the Skylarks nest in peace. I saw a few of them around as I walked down the path, along with quite a lot of little blue dragonflies.

On a final note, there were no drones again, which is two weeks running.


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