Two Wings


I was on the bike this week, so I had the “Wing Thing 2” with me. As it turned out, somebody else had a Multiplex Xeno, so we were able to compare them in the air. In places mine was considerably quicker, then something changed and the Xeno was the faster. The balance is an interesting issue with Wing Thing. The first flight was about 1cm forward of my forward C of G mark, which was perfectly flyable without any nose down tendency. The second of my two flights this morning was on the forward mark (1cm back from the previous flight), which was a bit less stable in the air, but not a huge difference in performance. It was very windy, with conditions varying between dark overcast and looking like rain, then 25 degrees, hot sunny and humid. The weather is completely crazy at the moment.

I was only brave enough for two flights, both around the 8 minute mark, but they only took about 50% out of the batteries. Landing is still a big issue as I just can’t slow this model down. It’s like trying to land the space shuttle, you’re on a steep glide slope where the speed is much too high at the point of touchdown with no ability to flare. My technique this time was to find a big clump of tall grass and crash into it. Not exactly elegant. For the record, there was nothing wrong with the motor from the plane’s last outing. I had thought it was over-revving because the motor can had moved forwards and the magnets were no longer fully in contact with the windings. Last night, when I opened it up, there was nothing wrong with it. I do need to turn on the air brake though, as the prop windmilling must be contributing to the landing problems. That’s it for my flying this week, but we were also joined by a Multiplex TwinStar which had the wings fold on launch just before I arrived. There was also a HobbyZone UMX Mustang with ailerons, rudder and elevator, a UMX Pitts biplane, a foam board own design Mustang and a really excellent HobbyZone Corsair with retracts. We never got to see the retracts work though, which is a pity. There were also no drones present which has been the case for a few weeks now.

That’s all for this week, I’ve got an AutoGyro to build and a DaVinci Aerial Screw to tinker with for the rest of the day. There’s also no flying next week, so I have a fortnight of building ahead of me.


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