30 Degrees and Windy

The weather is rather interesting today. It’s very hot, but it’s also very windy with the clouds skimming across the sky at some speed. The sunshade also blew into next door, so the decision not to bother going flying looks like the right one.


The quadcopter simulator with London Olympic Park models

I spent yesterday trying to build another scene for the quadcopter simulator. With the Rio Olympics just starting, I wondered whether I could build a London Olympic Park model from bits of free artwork collected on the Internet. Having spent a day on this, I think I’m going to give up at this point as my artistic skills are not up to it. The picture above shows a fairly passable Arcelor Mittal Orbit, Aquatic Centre, main stadium and velodrome, but the textures are seriously messed up. The problem is the export path from Sketchup via 3DS and then into Blender before loading the model into the Unity scene. There are too many conversions between formats introducing errors where an importer can’t handle the format of the data in the previous step of the chain. Basically, it was taking ages and a lot of trial and error, leaving me with Blender models where textures, normals and vertices were broken. I think I have to accept that my artistic skills aren’t up to the job and go back to being a programmer.

Having spent quite a long time flying the quadcopter around the Olympic Park, I realise that I have some serious work to do on the flight simulation itself. The way it flies just doesn’t feel at all right, so I’m going to go back to the code and add in the motor force and moments modelling that I didn’t have time to do before. Then all the pieces should be there to tune it just like a real quadcopter.

Anyway, my plan for the rest of the day is to wait until the temperature is below 30 degrees and then think about covering the autogyro. I really can’t face the thought of solar filming in this heat, so I need it to cool down a bit first.


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