Normal Flying is Resumed


Pokemon Go seems to be taking over the world at the moment. Here we have a rat trying to eat my plane. If I said that the world was infested with creatures that only I could see then you’d think me crazy.

I flew a UMX Spacewalker this week and also had four flights with the RS352 (above). We also had a Multiplex Twinstar and a fantastic looking foam FW190. The Twinstar ended up crashing, but no real damage looked to have been done apart from where the nose had absorbed the impact and the right engine had torn loose. I had just launched it for the pilot, and it climbed out with plenty of power, but then it started to make a buzzing noise like the prop was catching on something. We couldn’t make out what was causing it while he flew a few gentle circuits. It was a vibration of some sort, but, not being the one on the sticks, I can’t say whether it was power related or aerodynamic. The next thing which happened was that it went into a right hand spin, so I suspect the right engine pod was the root of the problem. Anyway, it wasn’t badly damaged when it came down, so it will fly again. This was the same aircraft that flew without its wing spar installed a couple of weeks ago, and had the wings fold on launch. It’s having quite a troubled life at the moment, so, hopefully, it’s got all the teething problems out of the way at the beginning and will now fly on for years to come.

I spent two of my flights trying to avoid the FW190, which had some turn of speed and was bigger than me. He had retracts on it which we saw partially deploy a couple of times, but he didn’t actually use them for landing, electing instead to belly land on the long grass. That was probably a good idea, but we love to see the wheels pop down for landing. It’s just a shame that the Hurricane won’t be joining it in the air. I’ve known the owner of this plane for years, since I first saw him flying a bright yellow glider. We had another person from way back visit this morning, so we had an interesting talk with him and he had a go flying the UMX Spacewalker.

OK, I’m off to cover an autogyro now. I’ve decided, it’s going to be blue.


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