Summer Weather

This is the scene that presented itself this morning:



Yesterday’s weather wasn’t bad, but it’s the wind that really did it for flying this morning. You can’t see from the photo, but those clouds are moving right to left at quite a rate. On the basis of what I’ve see so far, I would have got wet at around 10:30 and 11:30, with 11:30 more of a highly localised downpour. Now the Sun’s just come back out and we’re back to hot and humid again. It’s what you expect from a Bank holiday really, so I’ve resigned myself to this being a long building weekend.

I still haven’t finished covering the autogyro because of the extreme heat last week. I have decided on doing the tail in red, so I might get around to that later today. I’ve also been working on the quadcopter simulator. It’s really interesting looking at how Cleanflight works and I’ve tried to replicate it as closely as I can in the simulator. It now works on angular rate targets rather than absolute angles, so it flies a lot more accurately than before with more of that “locked-in” feeling rather than drifting all over the sky. I didn’t know this before, but Cleanflight actually reduces the PID rates in response to throttle changes. That’s not something I’ve implemented yet, but I’m going to experiment with it later. Now I’ve started getting into autopilot software and automatic control, I’ve been thinking about new things that I can do with this skill. I’m still interested in looking at some of the really old designs of aircraft (circa 1900) that failed and add modern computerised control software.

OK, now I’m going to use the time today to do some long awaited maintenance on the RS352. I’ve needed to change the battery in my Futaba FF8 for a while as it’s not holding its charge very well. Once that’s done I’m going to go through the programming with the RS352 and check all the control surfaces.



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