Breaking the Duck

I don’t think I’ve flown the RS352 in September, having only taken the flying wing out a few weeks back. I probably shouldn’t have flown it this week either because it was stupidly windy, but I got in three flights between the gusts. We used to have a saying that when the leaves were blowing along the ground it was too windy to fly. Well, the wind had blown all the leaves away so I couldn’t tell any more.


An interesting Met situation

OK, so it was very windy and it threw the aircraft against my flight box and broke a bit of the trailing edge at one point. The only other person to turn up this morning had a couple of DJI Phantoms (2 and 3) that he wanted to test. They went very well in the wind, while I sneaked in a flight in a period of calm, warm air that came over briefly. It also rained a bit, just for good measure.

My remaining two original 1300mAh LiPos are now at the end of their usable life, not taking the full charge this morning. On each, one cell managed 4.22v, while the other two hovered around 3.9v, not going any higher. It’s time to get rid of them and buy some new ones.

Apart from today’s outing, on Thursday I also managed to fly a very quickly built micro FPV quadcopter using the Hyperion integrated camera, 5.8GHz transmitter and clover-leaf aerial. I made a couple of loops of plastic to form a camera mount, added it to one of the HubSan H-frames that we 3D printed a while back, soldered up a power lead and flew it. I can’t get past the view you get of the rotors spinning in front of you and the World moving around. It just looks crazy, but I need a bit more practice flying it. Preferably in a much larger space. I’m also annoyed because my Black Pearl FPV screen’s battery is also wrecked, not charging at all. I had to keep it plugged into the mains adapter to make it work.

The Autogyro’s still sitting on the bench untouched this week as work got in the way again. We were filming yesterday with a drone operator and a DJI Inspire, so I need to catch up on my weekend now.


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