Four Years Old

Unless I’m very much mistaken, my RS352 is now 4 years old. I managed to get in another 4 flights with it today in the sunny bits in between the wind blowing the dark menacing clouds over our heads. It didn’t rain until on the way home, which was good.

There were no Corsairs to fly this week, in fact I only flew my own RS352 this time. We had the EFlite Advance, the very resourceful “two aircraft in a snowboarding bag” Ben Buckle vintage lookalike and white foam high wing “almost a Cub”. In addition to this, there was a DJI Inspire that had a single flight and a photographer with a Phantom in a camouflage rucksack that also only had one flight. By last week’s standard it was very quiet today.

There are signs that I’ve gone over to the Dark Side this week as I’ve been experimenting with a micro FPV.

I bought a Hyperion Mini 600TVL Camera and transmitter a while ago and made some mounts out of Depron to allow me to attach it to the 3D printed H-Frame that we used for the Royal Institution project a few months ago. The flight controller is the HubSan one, but it flies and the FPV works very well together with a Black Pearl screen.

It’s really difficult to fly this indoors in the confined space I have as you can’t see its position and drift relative to other objects as well as if you were flying 3rd person. I couldn’t take it outside with me today as the Black Pearl screen’s battery is dead, so I’m currently running it off the mains. At the moment I’m looking to swap the HubSan controller for one of the micro brushed controllers that run CleanFlight (maybe a SciSky or F3 EVO?). That might give me some degree of control over it, then I can think about indoor FPV racing?

OK, so the ATOM AutoGyro should be my main priority, because I really desperately want to have a go at flying it now. If I finish applying the trim and do the final installation then I only have to balance and trim the blades. I’ve only been building it for about two years now, so that shouldn’t take long.


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