Rain Stops Play

It’s been raining hard since about 7am this morning. If it does ever stop then it’s going to be because the wind has blown all the rain clouds away, so that’s no good either.



So today’s going to be a building day, which is why I’ve included an image of the tail of my autogyro with its new starburst pattern. The blue and white looks really good and should be a great aid to orientation in the air. I just need to add the white lines and logo on the side and finish balancing and covering the blades.

On the subject of making the “ATOM” lettering for the fuselage, I traced the outline from the plan onto some white paper, cut around it with scissors and sellotaped the paper to a piece of solarfilm. Then I cut around the paper outline very carefully with scissors and the result was a very passable set of four letters. I just need to make sure I can tell which is paper and which is solarfilm when I iron them onto the fuselage. Solarfilm sticks, paper doesn’t. Seriously though, it did take a bit of manual dexterity, and cutting the hole in the “A” and the “O” with a knife, but it was very quick to do and produced four good letters.

I seem to be busy with too many other things at the moment, so the ATOM build is taking a back seat to work again.



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