FPV Mishaps


Learning to fly FPV is harder than it looks. I managed to break the frame of my custom FPV quad by hitting the wall and dropping it on its side from about 3 feet above a solid floor. I was lucky I didn’t break the camera and transmitter, but the Depron mount broke off and saved it. This was on about the fourth flight though. I think I should be flying in free space, not a 6 foot room, but as I tried to turn the quadcopter to fly back towards myself I drifted into a wall and decided that cutting the power was the best option.

It will glue back together easy enough, but I’m now thinking about a better design using foam. This 3D printed PLA stuff is too brittle and too heavy. I also need something that will protect the delicate 5.8GHz aerial as I did bounce it off the ceiling on one of the flights. It needs something that encases the whole thing in foam to protect it from contact with the floor. Either that, or learn to fly outside where there’s nothing to hit.


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