Just Me and the Crows

I thought it was just going to be me and the crows this morning, but round about midday a DJI Mavic turned up and also a Corsair and an, as yet unflown, Curtiss Warhawk (but this one didn’t have the skull logo). The crows were quite funny actually, as they kept sneaking up behind me when my back was turned. I think they were interested in the aeroplane, but they would walk to within a few feet of me before flying away. Then some guy let his dog off the lead to let it chase them and they didn’t come back for a long while after that.

Unlike last week’s bright sunshine it was dark and murky and almost foggy this week, so I’m not surprised so few people turned up. On the plus side, though, the air was completely still so you could do some fine-trimming flights. In the end I managed 6 flights with the RS352, probably because nobody else was there for the first two hours. I had another go at harriers, with the flaps switched back to neutral, not dropped as I normally fly. This does seem a little better, but the aircraft still won’t settle into a stable harrier. It’s like it’s just got too much power and not enough mass to do it. Other than that, it was a very quiet morning and I got lots of aerobatics practice in: stall turns plus down leg rolls, cuban eights, harriers, outside and inside loops. I managed to fly around with the Corsair for a bit, which looks utterly amazing in the air, but I had to leave before the Warhawk’s maiden flight. I saw it from a distance, though, so I know that it got up into the air without any problems. I was told that it had an AS3X system and panic button, so it knew how to fly without the pilot.

Anyway, that’s the last flight before the RS352 gets an overhaul. I’ve got four new EMAX ES08MA servos which I’m going to use to replace the existing HiTec HS65MG ones which I’m not happy with. They don’t seem to work properly with my Futaba R617FS radio, so I’m getting rid of them over Christmas. The binding problems I was having last week seem to have gone away, so it looks like the Mavic isn’t interfering with my Futaba FASST radio system after all. Also, I’ve been working on the blades for the ATOM which I plan to finish soon and there’s also a micro quadcopter using the EVO F3 flight controller which I’ve almost got to the flight stage. With the FPV goggles I should be able to race it around the house, which is tremendous fun.

That’s it for this year, as next Sunday is Christmas day and I have a break until early January.


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