Christmas 2016


In the dark it’s lit up like a Christmas Tree…


I flew the F3 EVO Brushed quadcopter for the first time today. This is my first brushed quadcopter running Cleanflight and it responds very differently compared to the HubSan ones. This one’s got some inertia, or maybe that’s just the default “safe” PID settings that I put in to start off?

The frame is 3D printed on a Makerbot Replicator 2 printer. It’s actually a FlexBot design which I downloaded and tried to print. Like all the Whoop frames I tried to print, this one also failed and it’s the wrong size for my motors and flight controller, so it has been extensively modified. Basically, I just took all the failed 3D printed bits and made a frame with what I had the old fashioned way. It works, but it’s not very well built. I really need to enclose the rotors and find a way of putting the FPV camera on so I can fly it around the house. Flying weight is 50g exactly, so it’s twice the weight of an Inductrix.

An F3 Evo board costs around £15 and the FrSky radio costs £7.50, so it’s not exactly an expensive setup. How you make the electronics work is the interesting part, so I’ll follow this up with a building article once I’ve settled on the design.

Happy Christmas and for everybody who just got a new drone, read the CAA drone code:


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