New Year’s Day 2017

I wasn’t planning on flying this Sunday, but it seems like it’s a case of New Year, old weather anyway. It was grey, overcast and raining to start with, but now the Sun’s come out and it’s brightened up a bit.

The RS352 has had its yearly overhaul over Christmas and now has four new EMax ES08MA servos replacing the Hitec HS65MG ones which have been giving me problems. It’s a shame really, as the Hitec units are much better servos, they just don’t seem to be compatible with the Futaba R617FS receiver that I use. When you switch it on, they sometimes jitter like crazy until they appear to have found their end point limits. It was like they just had to initialise with full left, full right, full up, full down then they were fine. Except that it looked as though the problem was manifesting itself in the air where it wasn’t before, as I’ve had what felt like the aileron lock until I move the stick left and right to clear it. So, I’ve gone back to the cheap servos that I was using originally and I’ll do a full test of the Hitec servos when I get time to try and understand what was happening.

The wiring and some of the hot melt glue needs tidying up, but it all works.

My other project for 2017 is to finish the ATOM Autogyro and fly it.


At the moment I’m balancing the blades, then they need covering before I can do the final set up of all the control surfaces. After that it should be flyable, but my time keeps getting taken by the micro quadcopters that we’re building for work. And then there’s the joystick for the quadcopter simulator. I might have a go at that project this afternoon. So many things to do and so little time…


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