Waiting for Rain

It’s dull and grey this morning, with a weather forecast that’s predicting rain at 11am, getting heavier as the day goes on. No flying this week then, so I’ve posted the video I took last week of my new 50g quadcopter’s first outdoor flight. The effect of the Sun and the mist is just fantastic.

In case you’re wondering, this is what I’m flying:


We’ll ignore the bit at the end where I crashed it into the ground, but the throttle wasn’t picking up the thrust fast enough and the LiPo had gone by this point. The PIDs need a bit of work too, but this is still a work in progress. This one is using the HubSan 55mm blades, and I’m also going to test with some 75mm blades once I make a bigger frame. The general idea was to see how easy it is to manufacture a custom frame with everyday components and without using an expensive 3D printer. I’ve just cut out the blue acrylic using scissors and used it to sandwich some Depron. My only sticking point at the moment is how to hold the motors on. The one above is a friction fit in a bit of old plastic tube, but this requires a lot of skill and effort to make. My next evolution is going to use a slit cut into the tube so the radius can open and grip the motors without having to get the diameter exactly right. This also means using half round cups at the ends of the frame where the motor holders will be glued in. This might be too fragile, so I’ll have to see how it comes out.

I’m a bit tied up with work this week, so the only other thing I’ve done is to fix the prop adapter on my RS352. Here’s hoping for sunny and frosty next weekend instead of dull and rainy.


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